Photo impressions


This week I won’t give you aweekly update, as literally nothing special happened last week.

I have already been in Vancouver for three months now. I thought I’d showed you the prettiest photos I took in that time. Vancouver is a big city, but also very diverse. Especially the mountains around are always worth a visit. To experience, see or learn something new it’s not necessary to travel far or even fly somewhere else. Even though I’m a full-time traveler, I appreciate that being more sustainable, minimalistic and less stressful than travels far away.

I never thought you could find such a peaceful and quiet place in the city. Flowers and trees are everywhere at Queen Elizabeth park and I can only image how beautiful it must be in summer. There’s a lot going on around it as well, people playing tennis or disc golf, runners, of course. It’s nice to escape the city, for sure.

This photo was taken when I still lived in Kitsilano. Granvlle Island was only a few minutes on the bus away and I went down there one sunny afternoon to read a book. The view of Burrard Bridge is amazing and I really wish I could’ve stayed longer but it got cold pretty qickly. I still want to go back, but it’s harder now in winter.

The colours in the fall will be forever unforgettable to me. This shot of that pretty tree was taken at West Point Grey, where me and a friend went to UBC Farmer’s Market. The other trees were just as beautiful, though.

I went running twice in Vancouver and this last time I had luck and caught pretty nice weather. I even saw people sunbathing (in October)  when I went on a run to Kits Point.

To Grouse Mountain I went by myself. It was already pretty cold up there at the beginning of October. Even though it’s pretty expensive going up there, the view is breathtaking and there’s plenty to do and to see.

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