wednesday update #10

a walk in the woods

The weekly update is back, yay! I did quite a lot of things, from visiting a tiny christmas market with local vendors to walking in the woods of Lynn Canyon. The rain is still here, but I managed to go out at a time where it didn’t rain. It was about time, that I went out into the nature again. Even though I had lots of time with only four days of work per week, the weather wasn’t really making it possible. But I don’t want to complain. I honestly thought it would be much worse.

It was quite rainy when I went to the christmas market at Cocoa Tanning. I wrote a separate blogpost about it, because I was very impressed by all the vendors there. Very ironic that it took me to a tanning studio that day! I even had the opportunity to go for a free tan, but I decided to save that for another day.

Who knows me or has been following me for a while knows, that I’m always down to explore and even hike. As I’ve lived in Vancouver for three months now and started working, it got less and less. No matter where I lived, it kind of has always been that way.

Anyone else experienced that?

I decided to change that on Monday. The weather forecast showed me that it wouldn’t rain until 2pm so I took the risk and just left. It’s quite a commute from South Vancouver where I live to North Vancouver, but it’s pretty easy. I also don’t pay extra for the busses as I have a monthly ticket. I used the 1,5hr in the bus to finally read a little bit again.

It felt so good to be outside again, my face felt fresh and in general I was really energized. I had time to think, listen to podcasts and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Lynn Canyon Park is really for everyone, for experienced hikers, to families and people that like enjoying nature, but don’t want to hike for many kilometers. I usually don’t mind hiking, but I didn’t trust the weather so I just walked a little bit to see the Twin Falls. I also tried to find the 30ft pools, but wasn’t succesful whatsoever.

Also: Only five days until christmas! I don’t really feel the christmas spirit right now, but that’s okay, not every country can have a great christmas culture as Germany does (lol). I also won’t celebrate, I’m going to work 26th – 30th and just relax on my days off.

Speaking of plans for the new week: Tonight I’m going to have dinner with a friend from work and I hope I can make it to Storm brewery at the weekend. Anything else? My days off next week will be Monday and Tuesday for which I haven’t planned anything yet. Stay tuned on my Instagram to see what I’m doing! I regularly upload stories and post photos.

See you next Wednesday and have an exciting and succesful week!

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