Wednesday update #11

great people and snow!

Good things happened since my last weekly update. Some weren’t planned, but isn’t that when you have the best time? I should do that more often. Being more spontaneous and escaping everyday life. Does anyone agree?

Today I’m going to review the last week, as always, the beginning and the end couldn’t be more different. It was definitely was one of the best ones lately. My week began with work and ended with Christmas in Whistler. It still was a very quiet week, even though in Whistler I had a little bit more action. I’m not going to talk about the rest, as that will probably bore you to death.

I spontaneously decided to spend Christmas in Whistler. Of course, much colder than Vancouver. But also a lot more christmasy. It was really good to recharge. This year was my second Christmas away from home, which wasn’t as strange as last year, because it was actually cold.

I really liked Whistler, but I have to say, it gets boring quickly if you’re not skiing or snowboarding.

But, to be honest, I really enjoyed being there, unplugged from the city life and enjoying the nature. I mean, I can still sit inside when it rains in Vancouver. And as you might know, that happens often enough. Anyway, I had a good time exploring Whistler Village and even a walk to Lost Lake Park, which was closed unfortunately.

The new week for Chaotic Travels

The new weeek has begun and I started into it with my first Boxing Day ever. You are going to read more of my plans in the next update.

Have a good time until then!

All the best,


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