10 things

that made me happy in 2018

It’s not a mystery, that being grateful for things you’ve experienced makes you a lot happier. So, I
thought I shared my happy moments to make it public and official. I’m going to try make this every year
– but 2018 will be the first time I’m going to do this.

When I look back at the last 12 months, there are many memories that make me smile. I spent my last
two months in Australia, went to Iceland for the first time, worked a couple of different jobs in
Canada and the best freaking Raclette in France. Of course, most of my happy moments are linked to my travels. And so, I’d like to share 10 moments, that mean true luck to me.

1. I’ve finally managed to launch an English version of my blog on my own domain!
2. Visiting Orange County, California – I’ve been dreaming of that for a very long time

3. Realizing, that I’ve already been traveling for two years now. Thinking of having made that decision still makes me incredibly grateful.

4. Celebrating my 28th birthday in Melbourne with great friends.

5. Experiencing summer camp as staff and try out loads of cool sh** like Trapeze, Waterskiing and so much more.

6. Making friends from all over the world – Japan, France, Mexico and many more.

7. Experiencing Canada’s amazing nature – especially in Banff, four out of nine photos from there are under my most liked posts on Instagram.

8. Finding closure – on many things my little heart was giving me trouble on.

9. Going back to Hamburg – my old home “town”.

10. Working for Lush. This company is truly one of a kind. Great values, amazing products, fair pay.

What made you very happy this year? What moments will stay in your memory for a long time?

Travel Highlights 2018

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