bucket list 2019

New year, new travels, how exciting. Again, I’d like to start the new year with a travel bucket list. I realized some travel dreams in 2018, that I had on the list for a while: Iceland, California and Canada, where I’ve spent most of the year at. Three destinations, that I can check off the list now (the
bad thing about that is honestly, that you can never truly check it off, because you always want to

I have a very long list again and if I could it would be so much longer. Today I’m going to concentrate on where I REALLY want to travel (and what I’ve planned already). We’ll see how much I can really do in the next 12 months…

  1. Seattle – already planned from January 29th – February 2nd

  2. Las Vegas – already planned from February 2nd – February 6th? (haven’t booked a flight yet)

  3. San Francisco – potentially after Vegas

  4. Palm Springs

  5. The Seychelles

  6. Lapland

  7. Costa Rica

  8. Mexico

  9. Ireland

  10. Paris

What destinations are on top of your travel bucket list? Where would you like to travel this year?

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