Wednesday Update #1: Happy New Year!

It’s already January, 2019. We’re already a week into the new year. Time is flying – and I even have some spring feelings here and there. It’s still raining a lot. Sometimes it’s really warm like today, sometimes it’s freezing cold because of it and the wind. 

It’s quite dark and wet of course. No questions asked, I’m ready fr spring. And I have clear priorities. I’d rather have it a bit colder, but sunny instead. Unfortunately, no one can offer this kind of deal.

I’ve spent quite some time outside, nonetheless. I went to Stanley Park and English Bay yesterday and walked 12.000 steps that day. I feel like that’s necessary every now and then when you’re living in a city. And we were lucky – we just managed to finish our walk when it started raining again.

This week is going to start with a lot of boring admin work. I need to organize a couple of things before I’m leaving the country in three weeks. I need to get rid of all the stuff I don’t want to take with me and do my tax return. Something I would rather not do, but I guess I have to if I want my money back.

This one’s just a short one, as it’s already late here, but I’m wishing you all a wonderful week!

All the best!



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