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These are essentials on a long flight

I remember myself googling for this information before my first long flight. Since then I had some experience with those and can give away my own opinion. Of course, you’ll need wallet, money, passport and maybe medication. But there are some more things that cause a little bit more comfort on long flights.

  1. A scarf – the bad air conditioning… and arriving with at a cold at your destination is not very cool.

  2. Snacks – you should never enter the plane without anything, because you never know when you’ll get food next. It usually takes around 90min on a long flight for the first meal. A delayed flight can cause you to deal with a hungry stomach for many hours that way. I must admit, I’m really bad with that myself, but I try to pack a snack, like granola bars or nuts. I also take a reusable water bottle with me, which I refill after going through security. “Drinking a lot” is a must anyway, as the air in planes is very dry.

  3. My beauty favorites: Hand sanitizer, hand cream and tooth paste.

  4. A good book – nothing makes time pass quicker than a good book. I started reading books on my tablet when I started traveling, it’s thinner and I can get a lot of books for free from my home library.

  5. Your own headphones – You usually get decent ones with good airlines, but especially the cheaper airlines have crappy ones or you have to pay for them. I definitely want to check out sound blocking ones on my next long flight!

6. Sleep Mask – If you think you can’t sleep with a sleep mask, you’ve never tried a good sleep mask. There are actually a lot of differences and a lot of them are not tight enough or too tight or slip off your face. Tempur sleep masks are better, like these ones.

7. Warm socks – When you sit for a long time and don’t walk much, your feet start swelling. Shoes get uncomfortable very quickly. Therefore it’s totally fine to get rid of them on the plane – provided that your feet don’t smell, that would be a little impolite. Warm socks keep your feet warm without the shoes – what a surpirse. If you don’t have a mom like me, that knits socks for you, try those Under Armour socks.

8. Charger and power bank  -Because I use tablet and phone a lot on flights, both need to be in my carry on luggage. Most planes on long distance flights have power plugs. I just always want to be sure and take a power bank with me.

9. Notebook & pen – I love my bullet journal and taking notes by hand even though I end up typing it at a later point. I could also take notes on my tablet, but honestly, I like to have my notebook with me, to write down ideas or plan my travels. Journaling is great to fight boredom, too!

It’s also good to have a pen to fill in the customs forms!

10. Clear cosmetic bags – We all know we need those to store our liquids. Clear bags are also good to store little things in them and because they’re see through, they’re also easy to find when you need them again!

Are you ready for your next long distance flight? Use this post as a list, so you don’t forget anything!

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