Vancouver Food recommendations: vegan, vegetarian, delicious

What is Canadian food for you? Poutine, beaver tails or maybe nothing at all? I’m not a vegetarian
anymore, but I wanted to eat a lot more vegetarian this year and I’m surprised how many places the city
has to offer. I’m talking about my favorite places today, including some vegan treats.

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A weekend in Vancouver

I’ve lived here for for nearly five months now, but I wanted to write this for someone that would want to
stay here for the weekend. Also for someone, that wants to take a more relaxed approach, maybe
doesn’t come here for the first time.

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Photo impressions Vancouver

Central hotel Vancouver

When I first came to Vancouver and my parents visited, we stayed at the Holiday Inn on West Broadway (around 120€/night). It’s not really downtown, but still super central and had everything we needed. We had breakfast included, which was decent as well, with a range from bacon and eggs, fruits to Chinese dumplings.

It was a good place to discover Vancouver from and it’s also close to Granville Island.

Vancouver food guide

There are a lot of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafes. Also places with food for everyone
generally have vegan or vegetarian choices. From that point, I can definitely recommend the city.

Vancouver is not a cheap place to be, however, you can always find a decent place to eat for less than

You can find the ones I’ve tested here, best one first.

1) Breka Bakery & Café
Multiple locations, I usually go to 6533 Fraser St

The café itself is nothing special. They have a couple of tables and they’re usually all taken. It’s not a
place where I would have coffee, but I’m dying for their baked goods!

As it is mainly a bakery, most of the food is vegetarian, some is vegan and gluten free as well. The
paninis and savory things are both veggie and non-vegetarian.

I have a lot of favorites there, I usually go for a poppy seed tarte or a brownie cheesecake. The
breakfast and peanut butter cookies are also very good!

The cookies are 1.25 each, the cakes range between 3.75 and 4.75.

Credit: @Robson Street

2) Cactus Club Café
Different locations, I went to the one on 1530 W Broadway

This is quite a popular chain in Vancouver and has a couple of locations here. This is one of the
places, where meat lovers find something to eat as well, however there is a lot to choose for

I came here with my parents and even though it’s a little bit busier, the server found a quiet spot to
sit for us.

They have changing offers, both for food and for drinks, I’d recommend checking that out before
you go, so you don’t miss happy hour!

Credit: @Cactus Club Cafe

Right now they have Szechuan Lettuce Wraps with tofu, which are really good and the perfect size
for a healthy lunch. They weren’t too messy to eat with the supplied tongs. I highly recommend this
dish and the place!

Credit: @Cactus Club Cafe

3) Café Medina
780 Richards St

I really liked this café which is located downtown. It was really busy though, even on a weekday. I
had a late shift that day, so I treated myself to a nice breakfast.

I particularly liked the lavender latte, I don’t think I would have it again, but I definitely appreciated
them having something that is something else than pumpkin spice.

Credit: @Medina Cafe

As it is very busy, definitely call ahead, if you don’t want to wait for 90 minutes. I was lucky, being by
myself, so I could just squeeze in at the bar. The breakfast is new and fresh, not only their coffee
creations, but also their food presentation is unique. I’m very happy I made the effort to visit this
place before work.

Every other dish that passed the bar looked amazing and my eggs were cooked to perfection. The
service was friendly and even though I waited a bit for my food, it was totally worth it as it was
super fresh.

Credit: @Medina Cafe

4) Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine
1096 Denman St

This is a typical south east Asian restaurant. It’s not very big, but busy, especially around lunch time
when I visited. There is even a little bench to wait on in the entrance area. That made me feel a little

Credit: @Banana Leaf

That’s a little bit sad, because I really liked being in there.

They have lunch offers during the week, which is always nice. The food was okay, you could see the
cooks tried hard to make it as authentic as possible. But if you’ve been to Singapore or South East
Asia before, you know it can be so much better. The lunch deal was 12$.

The Roti Canai also sounded very good. Or the spring rolls with mango salad and rice? The good
thing about south east Asian cuisine is, that there is always plenty of vegetarian choices.

Credit: @Banana Leaf

5) Bandidas Taqueria
2781 Commercial Drive

I haven’t been to this restaurant, but we get their food truck at work and it really is something, that
meat lovers enjoy as well.

The food varies: tacos, burritos, nachos, the food is great and the price is excellent. The burritos are
most famous and incredibly filling for only 8.50$.


Credit: @Bandidas Taqueria

Instead of meat, the meals are packed with pinto beans, chipotle tofu, kale, roasted yams and of
course guacamole.

Next time I will definitely try out the gluten free nachos, they seam to be pretty popular.

Vancouver tips at a glance

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