Lisbon Food recommendations: vegan, vegetarian, delicious

Today I would like to share my recommendations for vegan and vegetarian restaurants in and around Lisbon and the experiences I made there.

As my photography skills are not the best, I’m featuring some instagrammers, that have taken some great shots at these places or from the restaurants themselves.

Credit: @Leonor Poeiras

PSI (Anjos)

The menu clearly states if a dish is vegan with a “(V)”. It’s been around for more than 15 years, which makes it one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Lisbon. It has a good atmosphere.

Additional to a playground for kids, there is a pond with a waterfall, ducks and turtles.

Credit: @Claudia Adriana 🥑

I had a really delicious veggie burger with couscous, tomato and cucumber and a delicious roti wrap, just the yogurt gravy didn’t fit very well. The cheesecake crumble was a dream though!!! This dessert only is a reason to visit PSI.


The Food Temple (Alfama)

The philosophy of the Food Temple is, that food is the most important thing in life. The waiter was very open and recommended the daily special. I’ve been there twice and had pan fried bananas as an entree and an asparagus soup the other time.

Credit: @Dominik Pichler

As a main dish I had the Baba Ganoush the first and the acorda vegetale the second time.

Credit: @Miguel Pires

I can also totally recommend the non-alcoholic, refreshing drinks like the orange blossom tea.

Terra (Principe Real)

About 80% of the dishes there don’t include any ingredients of animal origin.

Only a few traditional portuguese dishes require ingredients like eggs – guaranteed organic free range. The caldeirada is super delicious, the feijoada de batata doce a little bit mushy and contains many onions, but quite good in general.

Credit: @ANDREA VOE 🦋🌍

You should make a reservation, especially at the weekends.

I hope my experiences help you and makes it easier for you, finding appropriate locations. I’ll keep testing and might update this post in the future. Have fun trying them out yourself!

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