Travel Guide Isla Holbox – Things to do, Hotels, Food

Stress seems to be a word non-existent on Holbox (pronounced „Holbosh“).  I struggled more every day, trying to remember what day it was and I often didn’t even trust myself anymore. You forget about time on Holbox. Everything is so relaxed and and you will be too, shortly after! My days are not very adventurous: swimming, […]

Carry on tips: These are essentials on a long flight I remember myself googling for this information before my first long flight. Since then I had some experience with those and can give away my own opinion. Of course, you’ll need wallet, money, passport and maybe medication. But there are some more things that cause […]

Wednesday Update #1: Happy New Year!

It’s already January, 2019. We’re already a week into the new year. Time is flying – and I even have some spring feelings here and there. It’s still raining a lot. Sometimes it’s really warm like today, sometimes it’s freezing cold because of it and the wind.  It’s quite dark and wet of course. No […]

travel bucket list 2019 New year, new travels, how exciting. Again, I’d like to start the new year with a travel bucket list. I realized some travel dreams in 2018, that I had on the list for a while: Iceland, California and Canada, where I’ve spent most of the year at. Three destinations, that I […]

10 things that made me happy in 2018 It’s not a mystery, that being grateful for things you’ve experienced makes you a lot happier. So, I thought I shared my happy moments to make it public and official. I’m going to try make this every year – but 2018 will be the first time I’m […]

How to compensate flights

Five days at luxury resort somewhere in Mexico, three days in Vegas for partying and gambling or a week in Hawaii for a complete reset – this is how my life could look like as a full-time traveler. Great offers are coming into my inbox every day, but for my wallet’s and the environment’s sake […]

Wednesday update #11 great people and snow! Good things happened since my last weekly update. Some weren’t planned, but isn’t that when you have the best time? I should do that more often. Being more spontaneous and escaping everyday life. Does anyone agree? Today I’m going to review the last week, as always, the beginning […]