Wednesday update #11 great people and snow! Good things happened since my last weekly update. Some weren’t planned, but isn’t that when you have the best time? I should do that more often. Being more spontaneous and escaping everyday life. Does anyone agree? Today I’m going to review the last week, as always, the beginning […]

My gift tips for travelers

This post contains affiliate links. You probably heard it a few times now, but it’s Christmas in two weeks 😉 This year I would like to share gift tips for travelers. As I’ve been on the road for two years now, I definitely feel confident giving recommendations. World Map Laundry Bag Whenever I buy gifts […]

Christmas Countdown on Chaotic Travels

The first christmas markets are already open and not long and Christmas is here! I’m unfortunately really busy at the moment, that’s why I have trouble finding time to write a lot. I still thought of something, that will shorten the time until christmas for you. Starting this week, I will at least write one […]

wednesday update #8 christmas is coming! Lovely people, I hope you had a good start in the week and send you some rain from Vancouver (just kidding). And of course I have a new update for you. I did: As I told you last week, I switched my Old Navy job for a Nespresso job. […]